Badminton Net Size: Measurement and Dimensions Guide

Badminton is a racquet sport played by two players or four players in doubles, who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court.

The court is divided into two halves by a net. The objective of the game is to hit a shuttlecock over the net with one’s racket and to ground it within the opponent’s half of the court. In this simple Badminton Net Size guide, we will explain the standard Net size measurement which should be used in court.

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Standard Badminton Net Size

A badminton net is a necessary piece of equipment in the game of badminton. It is made of nylon and stretches across the width of the court. The net has a height of 5’1” (1.55 m) and but due to the gravity, in the center it sags a bit measuring it to stand at 5’0″ (1.52m).

  • Badminton nets are split into a 1:1 ratio

  • Which has a 30’ (76 cm) opening below the mesh and an equal surface above.

badminton net sizecharts

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How high a standard Badminton Net should Mount?

The standard badminton net stands at a height of 5’1” (1.55 m) at both the edges but thanks to the gravity it measures 5’0″ (1.52m) at the center of the court.

Badminton net dimensions in feet

  • Total width: 20 ft
  • Total height at the posts: 5 ft 1 inch
  • Total height at the center: 5 ft
  • Net height: 2 ft 6 inch

Badminton net dimensions in meters

  • Total width: 6.1 meters
  • Total height at the posts: 1.55 meters
  • Total height at the center: 1.524 meters
  • Net height: 0.76 meters

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