Pool Table Size Chart: Measurement and Dimensions Guide

So, if you are looking for a pool table that is of the regulation size, what do you need to take into account for the size of your home?

To help you in your decision-making process, here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about the right pool table size.

Pool tables come in different sizes with different benefits. There is a variety of pool table sizes and they vary depending on their use. Find out which one is best for you by reading this article where we have categorically provided Pool Table Size Chart with a measurement guide corresponding to the room size.

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English Pool Tables:

Room size recommendation, dependent upon cue length:

36″ Cue (92cm)
48″ Cue (122cm)
57″ Cue (145cm)
6′ Table 11’6″ (350cm) x 8’11” (273cm) 13’6″ (410cm) x 10’11” (333cm) 15′(456cm) x 12’5″ (379cm)
7′ Table 12’3″ (373cm) x 9’3″ (281.5cm) 14’2″ (433cm) x 11’2″ (341.5cm) 15’9″ (479cm) x 12’8″ (387.5cm)
8′ Table 13’2″ (401cm) x 9’8″ (295.5cm) 15’2″ (461cm) x 11’8″ (355.5cm) 16’8″ (507cm) x 13’2″ (401.5cm)

Pool Table Size Chart and Measurement

American Pool Tables:

Room size recommendation, dependent upon cue length:

43″ Cue (110cm)
48″ Cue (122cm)
57″ Cue (145cm)
7′ Table 13’11” (424cm) x 10’8″ (325cm) 14’8″ (448cm) x 11’5″ (349cm) 16’2″(494cm) x 13′ (395cm)
8′ Table 15’1″ (460cm) x 11’3″ (343cm) 15’11” (484cm) x 12′ (367cm) 17’4″ (530cm) x 13’7″ (413cm)
9′ Table 15’9″ (480cm) x 11’7″ (353cm) 16’10” (504cm) x 12’4″ (377cm) 18″ (550cm) x 13’11” (423cm)


Standard Pool Table Sizes and Types

Pool tables are a popular leisure activity that is enjoyed by many people. They can be found in almost every room in a home, office, or public space. They have a variety of sizes and types that vary with the size of the pool table.

Pool table size is measured by length and width. The average size for a standard pool table is between 2 meters by 3 meters, which translates to 8 feet by 10 feet. However, this doesn’t always mean that larger tables are better than smaller ones because some people prefer playing on smaller pool tables because it offers more opportunities for shots.

Pool tables can be made of different types of wood, like slate, wood-veneer and laminated wood-veneer. These are the most common types of wood used to construct pool tables. A commercial grade ping pong or snooker table is the most expensive type and is made out of hardwood.

Snooker Tables:

Room size recommendation, dependent upon cue length:

48″ Cue 52″ Cue 57″ Cue
8′ Table 16′ x 12′ 17′ x 13′ 17.5′ x 13.5′
9′ Table 17′ x 12.5′ 18′ x 13.5′ 18.5′ x 14′
10′ Table 18′ x 13′ 19′ x 14′ 19.5′ x 14.5′
12′ Table 20′ x 14′ 21′ x 15′ 21.5′ 15.5′

Pool table size chart Comparison US & UK 

Table Dimensions in (Inches and CM) Playing Area Dimensions in (Inches and CM) Required Room Size With 48 inches Que  (in inches and CM) Required Room Size With 54 inches Que (in inches and CM) Required Room Size With 57 inches Que (in inches and CM)
9 feet Table (USA) 114 inches by 64 inches  289.56 cm by 162.56 cm 100 inches by 50 inches 254 cm by 127 cm 210 inches by160 inches 533.4 cm by 406.4 cm 222 inches by 172 inches 563.88 cm by 436.88 cm 228 inches by 178 inches 579.12 cm by 452.12 cm
8 feet Table (United States of America) 102 inches by 59 inches 259.08 cm by 149.86 cm 88 inches by 44 inches 223.52 cm by 111.76 cm 198 inches by 155 inches  502 cm by 393.7 cm 210 inches by 167 inches 533.4 cm by 424.18 cm 216 inches by 173 inches 548 cm by 439 cm
7 feet Table (United States of America) 93 inches by 54 inches 236.22 cm by 137.16 cm 79 inches by 39 inches 200.66 cm by 99.06 cm 189 inches by 150 inches 480 cm by 381 cm 201 inches by162 inches 510 cm by 411 cm 207 inches by 168 inches 525 cm by 426 cm
7 feet Table (United Kingdom) 84 inches by 48 inches 213.36 cm by 121.92 cm 72 by 36 inches 182 cm by 91.44 cm 180 by 144 inches 457 cm by 365.76 cm 192 by 156 inches 487.68 cm by 396.24 cm 198 by158 inches 502.92 cm by 401 cm
6 feet Table (United Kingdom) 75 inches by 44 inches 190 cm by 111.76 cm 63 inches by 32 inches 160.02 cm by 81.28 cm 171 inches by 140 inches 434.34 cm by 355 cm 183 inches by 152 inches 464 cm by 386.08 cm 189 inches by 158 inches 480 cm by 401 cm


Pool Table Room Size Chart Guide

The size of a room needed for a pool table depends on the size of the room in square feet. The height or depth of the room is not important because pool tables can be installed at any height and depth.

There are two different measurements used to determine the size of a room needed for a pool table:

– Square Feet (SF) – this is usually used when you have an old home with irregular space. It’s easier to measure in feet rather than by measuring each side and doing some math.

– Feet And Inches (FEI) – this is used when you have an old home with square footage measurements, it’s harder to measure in ft/in than it is by just using sqft measurements.

Room Size in (Feet and CM) 12’6’’ feet by 16’ feet 381 cm by 487.68 cm 13’ feet by 17 feet 396.24 cm by 518.16 cm 13’6’’ feet by 18’ feet 411.48 cm by 548.64 cm
Pool Table Size in (Feet and CM) 3’6’’ feet by 7 feet 106.68 cm by 213.36 cm 4’ feet by 8’ feet 121.92 cm by 243.83 cm 4’6’’ feet by 9’ feet 137.16 cm by 274.32 cm


How to Pick the Right Size for Your Billiard Room

The best way to figure out the size of your pool room is to measure it and make a design plan.

In general, a pool table size chart is determined by the length and width of the room. For example, if you want to build a 60-inch by 30-inch by 30-inch billiard table, you need to measure a 90-inch length for each side and use an inch for each foot on the feet. There are some exceptions to this rule such as when designing an eight-foot long pool table or lining in concrete.

Pool Table Dimensions in Inches and CM

Table Size Standard Rail in (inches and cm) Modern Rail in (inches and cm) Cavalier Rail in (inches and cm) Play Areal in (inches and cm)
Length      Width Length      Width Length      Width Length      Width
6 feet     inches                       cm 79.5           44.5 201.93    111.76 82.5           47.5 209.55    120.65 81                46 205.74     116.84 70                35 177.8         88.9
7 feet     inches                       cm 87.5          48.5 222.25    121.92 90.5           51.5 229.87    130.81 89                50 226.06       127 78                39 198           99.06
8 feet     inches                      cm 97.5          53.5 247.65    135.89 100.5         56.5 255.27    143.51 99                55 251.46      139.7 88                44 223.52    111.76
8.5 feet  inches                      cm 101.5        55.5 257.81   140.97 104.5         58.5 265.43    148.59 103              57 261.62    144.78 92                46 233.68    116.84
9 feet     inches                      cm 109.5        59.5 278.13    151.13 112.5          62.5 285.75    158.75 111               61 281.94    154.94 100              50 254             127
10 feet   inches                      cm 121.5        65.5 308.61   166.37 124.5          68.5 316.23   173.99 123              67 312.42    170.18 112              56 284.48    142.24
12 feet   inches                      cm 133.5        77.5 339.09    196.85 136.5          80.5 346.71    204.47 135              79 342.9     200.66 124              68 314.96    172.72

What are the Types of Pool Tables and Which Has the Best Quality?

Pool tables are one of the most popular home furniture items. As such, there are many different types to choose from.

The difference between solid wood and composite pool tables is the quality of wood used in their construction. Solid wood is made up of hardwood that has been chemically treated, giving it a long-lasting finish and a smooth feel. Composite pool tables use materials like MDF and PVC to give them the same appearance as solid wood, but they have less maintenance needs than solid wooden tables.

While there are pros and cons to both types of pool tables, most people would agree that composite ones offer a better value for their money due to their lower price point.

Pool tables can be expensive to purchase, with the average price of a pool table in U.S. costing close to $3,000 for shuffleboard tables. However, there are also composite pool tables that cost much less than traditional wooden ones. The downside is that these pool tables take longer to assemble and require more maintenance than their wooden counterparts.

Which Pool Table Type is Ideal for Your Budget?

The different pool table types are billiard, racing, and snooker. Each type has its own unique purpose and setup.

The best place to start is to determine what kind of pool player you are – casual or professional. This will determine which pool table type will work best for you.

If you want a more professional-looking space, the snooker table could be a popular choice for your setup. If you’re just looking to shoot some games with your friends, the billiard should be good enough for your needs. For those of us who love the one-on-one action with a friend or family member, the racing table is perfect!

The cost of your billiard table comes from how large it is and what it’s made out of. With so many options for materials available now – hardwood, slate, or glass tables – you have more control over what your budget The cost of your billiard table is determined by the type of material and size of your table. There are many options available to choose from when it comes to materials, and you need to decide which material is right for you. Slate tables are typically some of the most expensive options because they require a lot more time and labor than other materials.

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