The Complete Guide to Yeti Cooler Sizes & Understanding What Size You Really Need

A Yeti is a type of high-end cooler that is known for its quality, durability, and ice retention. The Yeti Cooler is the best way to keep your food and drinks cold for hours on end.

Yeti coolers are made of durable materials that are designed to keep the cold inside the cooler for as long as possible. This means that you can put your food in there on a hot day, and it will still be cold when you get home from work hours later.

Yeti coolers are the best way to keep your food and drinks cold for extended periods of time. They can be used to transport food and drinks for days on end without worrying about it spoiling. Yeti coolers are made out of high-quality materials that keep the contents cold for a long period of time.

A yeti cooler is a type of insulated, portable cooler designed to keep ice frozen for an extended period of time. They are typically made with high-quality materials like stainless steel or polyurethane that do not leak or sweat, which can lead to mold growth inside the cooler. Yeti coolers come in different sizes and shapes depending on what you need them for – whether it’s just for personal use or if you need one that will fit in your car. They come in different sizes and by consulting our Yeti Cooler Size chart you could easily figure out which Yeti Cooler would fit best for your needs.

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YETI Coolers Size Chart 

The Yeti cooler is a perfect combination of size and durability. It is big enough to keep all of your food and drinks cold, but not too big to carry around with you. And it is tough enough to survive the bumps and bruises of any outdoor adventure.

Check out the sample Yeti Cooler Size Chart below;

Model  YETI Roadie 20 YETI Tundra 35 YETI Tundra 45  YETI Tundra 50
Capacity (Quarts)        20.8 28 37.6 46
Capacity (Gal) 5.2 7.2 9.4 11.8
Dimension 20 x 13.5 x 14.5- inch 21 x 16 x 15.5- inch 26 x 15.5 x 16 -inch 24.5 x 18 x 18.8 -inch
Weight 22lbs 26lbs 23lbs 26lbs
Roto-molded Yes Yes Yes Yes

How to Measure Your Cooler’s Dimensions for the Perfect Fit

If you are looking to buy a cooler, then it is important that you measure your cooler’s dimensions. This will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

There are many types of coolers available in the market, but they all come in different sizes. That is why it is important to measure your cooler’s dimensions before buying one.

To measure your cooler’s dimensions, follow these steps:

#1- Measure the length and width of your cooler from top to bottom and left to right respectively.

#2- Measure the height of your cooler from the ground up to where the lid would be if it were open.

#3- If you have a rectangular shaped ice chest, measure the height and width from left to right and top to bottom respectively.

What are the Best Features of Yetis?

Yeti Coolers are known for their strong ice retention. Yeti Coolers have a higher insulation value than other coolers on the market.

Yeti Coolers are also known for their ability to keep cold items cold and hot items hot. They have a high-quality insulation that can keep ice from melting for up to 10 days.

The company has been in the business of manufacturing coolers since 2006, and they have been able to build a reputable brand in the industry with their high-quality products.

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